Housing - Pune


Srishti is a non-residential campus and students can avail of the paying guest (PG) and hostel accommodations that Srishti recommends. Students are provided a list of service providers and are given a tour of these spaces when they come to Srishti for the portfolio review.

The cost and the amenities of each paying guest provider may vary and you may choose one that best suits your requirements. Srishti will remain in contact with the service provider and will do everything in its power with a view to creating a safe space for students and to ensure quality and security.

However, students need to get in touch with the paying guest provider directly and negotiate contracts with them independently. Srishti will not, in any way, be liable or held accountable for less than satisfactory services and/or for unpaid refunds. By utilizing their services, students and/or parents/local guardians assume full responsibility for any loss, damage, or liability resulting from the use of these paying guest accommodations or guesthouses.

Housing and PG Accommodation details for Pune 2017

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