Industree Foundation shares their new impact insights

Industree Foundation's new impact insights, the entrepreneurial women they have been working with in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and Industree’s international advocacy, including co-founder Neelam Chhiber’s participation in an event organised with The British Asian Trust and the upcoming Business Fights Poverty conference.


Re-imagining education and skilling

Estimates suggest that 80% of the people joining the workforce are unemployable; so, higher education in India requires a significant rethink...

by Seema Bansal and Ashish Garg. Published on the LiveMint website,
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John Maeda: If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code

It’s no longer enough to iterate and understand your user. What companies need now are designers who can empathize and bang out lines of Javascript...

Published on the WIRED website

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Vacuum forming comes to the desktop

Most people are consumers. But there is a small section of us that proudly call ourselves creators. We desire to build beautiful things, not just own them.....

Published on the Yanko Design website

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The designer life

The world can’t do without designers. Whether it is furniture, an advertisement, a website or an app, designers are always in demand to create the perfect look and feel...

Article published online written by Sonia Dutta Choudhury

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Ideo dons fresh avatar to take on new challenges

As part of the latest realignment in the global design landscape, Ideo, the global design powerhouse known for its human-centered approach has become part of the kyu Collective


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