Wellness Team

Jaishri Iyer.
Jaishri Iyer is a consultant counsellor at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and is working with individuals, families and groups, focussing on enhancing young adults’ personal and social functioning, their overall psychological health, and developing effective interpersonal skills.

She has a doctoral degree in Guidance and Counselling, and a graduate degree in Sociology and Education. Having taught Human Resources, Training and Development at Icfai, India, she has also worked as a counsellor at The Asian Hospital, Harmony Counselling Centre, and the Madras Dyslexia Association, Chennai.

Her counselling interests are focused on individual and group therapy, integrative mental health and emotional well-being, family and relationships, life transitions, crisis interventions, outreach and consultation. She is committed to providing support and care to all.

Areas of Interest: communication, motivation, confidence building, anxiety, depression, personality and behaviour disorders, family and relationship concerns, grief and loss, stress management and life skills.

Suchitra Narayan.
Suchitra, a special educator and Consultant Learning Support is part of the Wellness team at Srishti. Her work is strengthened by the close collaboration she has with the other members of the team, who include Psychologists, Health professionals, Theatre / Drama specialists and Special Educators. To ensure a positive learning experience for all students, she collaborates with all Faculty at Srishti as well, to remove barriers to learning. She helps Faculty to individualize learning for the students, especially for those with diagnosed special needs, and thus enable success.

Suchitra, has more than 30 years of varied and rich experience in the field of education as a teacher trainer and special educator, working with persons with various disabilities aged zero and above, as well as teachers and parents both in special and mainstream settings; to promote Inclusive Learning. She has a keen interest in research in education, inclusion, learning and cognition. She works closely with the Human Rights Law Network group to promote a Rights based approach to inclusion. Professionally she collaborates with various senior doctors, counselors, researchers, educationists, therapists etc within India and abroad to ensure the best possible services to her clients.

Suchitra was a Research Assistant at the University of Northampton, from where she holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Inclusive and Special Needs Education; is an Alumni of Harvard Graduate School of Education attending professional development programmes in Learning Differences since 1995; has an M.A in Psychology (Annamalai University); and is a Life Skills Trainer (NIMHANS, Bangalore), apart from being trained to work with persons with various / multiple disabilities. She founded an NGO in 2005 – SANSKRITI – Resource Centre for Inclusion (Cochin- Kerala), and is the President of the Indian Epilepsy Association, Cochin (2009 – to date).

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