School of Continuing, Open and Professional Education (SCOPE)

"The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live." - Adler J. Mortimer


Srishti’s School of Continuing, Open and Professional Education is committed to the advancement of lifelong learning and to the provision of open access to high quality educational resources.

We create learning opportunities for practitioners to develop and extend their practice towards their personal and professional growth.

Our programs are designed to provide learning that is flexible, diverse and available at different times across geographical boundaries. We offer opportunities for practitioners to re-engage with learning in multiple ways, paced to keep up with the demands the world of practice.


The school faculty and courses draw from the following disciplines:

Research and Collaboration

These programs intersect with the following centers, labs and projects that are housed within the school:

Course Structure

Our programs include courses with both full-time and part-time residency options, across a range of modules, and of different durations across the year.

We have fulltime, part-time and online learning options. The Masters courses involve full-time study and have small residency requirements, where a considerably large proportion of time is spent on field studies and action research undertaken at your site of professional practice. Smaller duration courses and workshops are offered at our various campuses and through our online learning platform.

Our learning approaches include:

  • Direct learning through contact programs and summer school, bootcamps, studios, workshops or conferences
  • Mediated learning through tutorials,& apprenticeships
  • Mentored learning via e-groups, webinars, critiques and discussion forums
  • Action research through field studies
  • Culminating performances through design charettes, written assignments, portfolios of practice
  • Personal mastery & reflective practice sessions
  • Executive coaching

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