School of Design, Business and Technology (SDBT)

"Design is in everything we make, but it’s also between those things. It's a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy" - Erik Adigard


Design can be broadly defined as a problem-solving activity, working to satisfy the different physical and emotional needs of people across the digital mediums, communication design, and the industrial arts and design. Many of these needs are created by an Industrial society and innovating for new products and services, creating new desires and aspirations, seem to fuel the profession of design. The questions we ask here, at Srishti are: if design is a problem-solving activity, what are the kinds of problems we solve today and for whom?

Can we create a real impact by tackling the larger and more immediate problems that the world faces today? How can the creative arts and design use emerging technologies and new business practices that these technologies facilitate, to envision a better world? Art and Design could engage with larger issues like dwindling natural resources and the environment with values like empathy for our fellow humans as well as all the other species, respect for old/indigenous knowledge and practices, not being exclusive but being consciously inclusive.

As creative professionals, we need to question the use of material and technologies, to stretch the limits of our creativity to imagine a newer and better way of seeing and making. To be curious, to be empathetic, to be respectful towards people and resources – these are the essential traits of any designer or artist.

World over there is in an increasing move towards the idea of engaging directly with materials, tools and emerging technologies like 3D printers is making this think-able and do-able, easier and simpler. It would not be going too far in stating that we are also on the brink of a material revolution, much like the ‘internet’ revolution. In the near future, the production will come back to smaller and more local units and it will be possible to produce smaller numbers, cheaper. In India we already have the frameworks for these changes and it is up to us to use this to our collective benefit.

The School Of Design, Business & Technology (DBT) is rooted in the convergence of society, culture and business; and aims to empower you to design for the real world. We nurture creative integrity, sustain an independent practice and facilitate the creation of good business frameworks.
The school engages with centers, disciplines and studios, for expressive, experimental use of cutting edge technologies. We offer opportunities to engage with industrial design, craft, contemporary textile practices, visual communication and strategic branding, user experience and interaction design, as well as system and service design.


The course offered by the School of Design, Business and Technology are informed by various design, business and technology disciplines as follows:


Research and Collaboration

The courses at the School of DBT intersect with the following centers, labs and projects that are housed within the institute:


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